Edward Curtis



Christopher Cardozo Fine Art is pleased to announce a historic recreation of Edward Curtis’ magnum opus, The North American Indian, now available in two masterful editions The Custom Edition and the Complete Reference Edition™


“In terms of elegance and sumptuousness, what the Cardozo Fine Art team has accomplished can stand alongside the parent edition as a worthy successor thereto. Its sensuous, tactile  qualities  evoke  exactly  the  immersive  experience that Curtis intended to deliver to those who read its texts and engaged with its images. An artisanal landmark, this new edition offers as beautiful an approximation as one can imagine of a hands-on, eyes-on encounter with Curtis’ masterpiece in its original form.”


– A.D. Coleman,  Noted Photographic Critic and Historian   

“A very worthwhile project is being realized with great success, and I am so pleased to be able to promise access to this stunning, modern, yet soon-to-be classic, edition to students and researchers who come to Harvard from all over the world to use our library collections.”


             – Janet Steins, Collections Librarian, Tozzer Library,  Harvard University